Monday, October 31, 2011

Patient Success Story - Amy Meldgin

I am the happiest of Dr B's patients!!!! After 3 half marathons my right knee was stopping me in my tracks. I was scheduled for another race in a few weeks but my knee wouldn't let me go past mile 8 and was getting worse. I met Dr B at Fleetfeet and figured I would make an appt since she seemed to understand the runners mindset. Minutes into my appt she diagnosed my problem. The I-band. I didn't even know I had one!!! I had feared the worst but found my condition to be very treatable with minimal down time. She taught me how to use the foam roller and other exercises to ease the pain immediately. I still use them.... Sometimes in the middle of a race even. I now recognize the symptoms way in advance. I would recommend Dr B to any one.

Patient Success Story - Rose Nyenhuis

I am so thankful to have met Dr. Tiffany when I first began running competitively. It was the winter of 2008/2009 and she was giving seminars and screenings at Fleet Feet. I laid on the her exam table and she pinpointed the muscles that were not firing for me. Dr. Tiffany then gave me small exercises to do before and after my runs to get those muscles firing. I did them and was so impressed with the results! My runs were pain-free.
Over the last few years I have struggled with running injuries and have continued to see Dr. Tiffany for them. She has gotten me back on track for strong finishes at many races. Just this past summer I came in to see her a few days before a half marathon. I was frantic because it's a race I had trained hard for and wanted to win prize money there. My lower back was in bad shape but it was no challenge for Dr. Tiffany. I dropped down to the 10k distance at the race (my 1st 10k ever) and won the Master's Division for the prize money!
Dr. Tiffany also helped my husband, Brad, achieve a dream of his. He finished the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race in CO this summer. While training for this race, he was experiencing sever lower back pain. Brad went to see Dr. Tiffany once and followed her regimen strictly and he was able to continue his training pain free.Dr. Tiffany will always be an integral part of our training.
~Rose Nyenhuis

The Begining of Fall...Torticollis season!

Torticollis is just a fancy name for stiff neck basically.  With the air conditioners turned off and folks not quite ready to turn on that heat, the cold night air can leave you waking with a bit of a pain in the neck.  Basically, when a patient has torticollis, they find their heads locked in a flexed, lateral position which can be extremely uncomfortable and irritating.  The good news is that this is treatable in a relatively short amount of time.  The cause of this is usually a spasm in the trapezius and sternocleidomastoid muscles on one side of the body.  These muscles contract, remain contracted, and cause the neck to bend towards the shoulder and the head to twist down.  Moving ones head out of this position while these muscles are in spasm can be extremely painful.  To help reduce the spasm, heat is helpful to loosen up the affected muscles.  Massage is also very effective to decrease the spasticity of the muscles.  Of course seeing your favorite muscle doctor can also help you back to enjoying these gorgeous fall days much faster!