Monday, November 28, 2011

23 Weeks and Counting

Tomorrow begins what I'm sure I will fondly look back on as the first day of the hardest thing I've ever done.  I signed up for the Indy Mini Marathon.  13.1 miles on May 5th.  Why? 
12 years ago I was told by my surgeon that if I continued to play college basketball, I would be in a wheelchair at my graduation.  Three years later, I underwent my fourth knee surgery and was told I would never run again.  I hung my head and started my new life of elipticals and weight training.  Without "sports" I began to slowly lose my competative edge.
Fast forward to last month.  I have seen so many amazing patients come in and out of my office.  I treat a high percentage of runners, somehow helping others to do what I had come to accept I would never do again.  After treating and helping 15+ runners finish the Chicago Marathon in October, I started to have the "what if" thoughts.  What if I could do that.  What if I really could run.  What if he was wrong.  ...what if he was wrong...
 Now, in an attempt to understand this amazing little world a number of my patients currently live in...I embark on a 23 week training of my mind over matter.  I will do this.  I will run.  But most of all, I will prove that he was wrong.  Two nights ago, I went online and registered for the Indy Mini Marathon. My bib number is 22092. No turning back now.  
I will continue to use this blog as an informative site for my patients, but now I will also give updates on my training over the next 6 months. 
Thank you to each of my patients that have been an inspiration.  You come from all walks of life, different sizes, ages, athletic abilities...but each have given me the courage to do this.