Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Patient Success Story - Natalie Hoye

As someone who didn’t begin the quest to get healthy and physically fit until age 40, it is important to me to receive treatment from a doctor that understands both my goals and is also interested in my passion for achieving them. Having lived an unhealthy lifestyle before (obesity, yo-yo dieting, sedentary lifestyle, poor eating choices, etc) it was not surprising that as my physical activity increased, so did my injuries. I had been regularly been strength training and doing cardio 3-5 times per week for a year before I undertook running, but running was new to me and all the elliptical didn’t prepare for me, my muscles or my joints for the havoc I was placing on them. I DO love to run but want to do so painlessly. Dr. Bozovich understands this. Her treatment style is compassionate and yields results. She determines which muscles aren’t working as they should and provides instruction and movement patterns to get them firing again so ultimately, age and the body aren’t standing in the way and one can concentrate on engaging in the sport or level of physical activity they enjoy.

As I physically recover from my first Marathon, Dr. Bozovich has also worked in tandem with other healthcare professionals to yield optimal and efficient results that will have me running again more effortlessly than before the Marathon. Pain has decreased; muscle function and range of motion have increased. I highly recommend Dr. Bozovich to fellow runners and athletes. She goes above and beyond for her patients and shares our passion too.

~Natalie Hoye