Monday, November 7, 2011

Patient Success Story - Tessa Bogel

Dr. Bozovich has kept me going! Not only does she keep me running, but she helped me through my pregnancy!

I had not been a very active person for a very long time. I had quit smokig and gained an unacceptable amount of weight. So, I joined a gym and started the beginner's running program at Fleet Feet. Fleet Feet coaches do a great job in giving you stretches and cross-training exercises in order to prevent injuries. However, I thought I was ok and I did more than Fleet Feet coaches instructed and probably didn't do some of the exercises correctly. Of course, after not following instructions, I started having problems. First, I got shin splints. I was a few weeks away from my first ever 4 mile races and was in a lot of pain while running or even walking. Fleet Feet coaches encouraged me to go see Dr. Bozovich, so I made an appointment. I did have to rest for a couple weeks, but the exercises that Dr. B gave me and with the help of her taping techniques, the shin splints were healed enough for me to run on time for the race.
I didn't actually get to race, though. No, I was out on a training run and started to feel knee pain. I had somehow twisted wrong and had some meniscus fraying.

Fast forward a year, after much resting for the meniscus, and a lot of strength training, I tried running again. Dr. Bozovich again to the rescue when I started having more pains, in my back, calves, heels, and foot arches. She again isolated various muscles that weren't firing and gave me exercises and tape, and I was finally able to run my 4 mile race. YAY.

I wanted to keep going, so I signed up for my next race, the Indy Mini. Yes 13 miles instead of just 4. I kept running and was about to start the 1/2 marathon program at Fleet Feet when I found out I was pregnant. Having not been a runner for very long and having never done that kind of distance, I was advised not to train for, or run, the 1/2 while I was pregnant, but I could do a 10K. So I started training for that. Every pregnant woman can tell you, there are some pains never experienced before caused by the round ligaments. This pain was especially apparent during my runs and in the day or two following a run. Again, Dr. Bozovich has the answers. She did a technique called "blocking", which help keep the ligaments loose and the body balanced for carrying the weight of the baby through the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Also, Terri --wonderful, wonderful Terri-- gave me some fantastic massages to help with lower back aches. Right after my due date passed, Dr. B gave me "special blocking" which helped kick contractions into gear and get baby moving.

I start post-pregnancy running again in the next week. I will continue to see Dr. B for any issues I have to help keep me moving. She is always professional. She explains things so that you can understand it. And she gets results! Thank you Dr. Bozovich!