Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Post Holiday Tips

I do my best to eat a "clean" diet.  I have my vices, but in all honesty, I'm pretty strict about what I eat...until the Holidays hit.  It's like someone else takes over my brain and tells me it's OK to have cookies and fudge and chocolate covered everything!  I like to think it's that evil little elf on the shelf that does it to me.  It takes everything in me to keep it all in "moderation" when enjoying those little treats.  That's what the holidays are for though, right?  My one rule that I stick to is that it has to be homemade.  If someone put the effort into creating a delicious treat, I will allow myself to have a small piece or bite.  Once the holidays are over, it's back to the grind.  That's the hard part.  All of a sudden, my once strict self has become used to having those treats and so I want them even more.  So, here are my rules to go by once I "fall off the wagon" and want to get back on.

RULE 1:  Eat Real Food
This one is not too hard, since I tend to stick with this one throughout the holidays as much as possible.  The basis is to eat only food that is plant based or fish.  (The occasional antibiotic/hormone free chicken and grass fed beef will make it to my plate, but I prefer fish.)  When I do have to eat something that is "processed" I make sure the ingredient list is under 5 and that I can pronounce all ingredients in the list.  I also make sure there is no High Fructose Corn Syrup.  To learn more about the dangers of this nasty ingredient check out:  The Real Truth About High Fructose Corn Syrup. 

RULE 2:  Shop the Peripheries
When entering a grocery store, one thing to keep in mind is that the aisles are a "danger zone".  There is nothing good that can come of walking up and down every aisle.  In fact, your chances of buying high fructose corn syrup and other fake food additives increases greatly...probably by 100%.  The aisles are filled with advertisements to tell you that the food is good for you, "low fat", "non-fat", "low cholesterol", "HEALTHY".  The chances of something sold in a box that is good for you and is actually healthy, is slim to none...especially if the box has to tell you this information.  Can you pronounce all of the ingredients?  Are there more than 5?  No?  Then, put it down and walk away.  When you shop the periphery of the grocery store, there is more fresh food.  This is where you will find the fruits and vegetables - the long lost "FOOD" that people have forgotten about.  If you want to make sure you are getting the most out of this food, buy organic.  The organic produce is higher in the vitamins and minerals that your cells need in order to maintain your inner workings.  It's not all about the pesticide in the's about the soil that the food was grown in.  A soil rich in nutrients produces food that is nutrient dense.  A soil devoid of nutrients and full of pesticides and toxins produces food that is lacking in vital nutrients and needs special fertilizers and/or modifiers to make sure it grows nice and big so you will buy it.  Ever heard of GMO's?  There will be a lot of "research" out there in google land that will tell you otherwise, but remember that these studies are published with the help of the the big food labels that don't want the organic revolution to take off.  The studies are done in such a short amount of time with small pools of people so that their research comes out just as they would like.  I challenge you to really look into the importance of organic agriculture, not only for your health but for the health of our land and water.  I digress....

RULE 3  Enjoy Your Food
How often are you shoving as much food as possible into your mouth in your car in between meetings or obligations?  In the words of my lovely great grandmother Esther, "For Pete's sake", sit down and enjoy a meal for once!  Sit at a table, put your food on a plate, and put your phone away.  When was the last time you had a conversation over a meal?  Have you ever looked around a restaurant and seen how many people are looking at their phones?  It's amazing to me how many people have forgotten how to simply enjoy food.  Studies have shown that the more time and/or money you put into the food you eat, the less you eat.  The reason?  People will appreciate and actually taste the food that they spent money on or actually spent time and effort to make.  If you are using quality ingredients and preparing your food, I bet you'll take the time to sit down and actually enjoy it.  It's not more expensive to eat healthy as most people like to to argue.  The fact is, you eat less when you buy more quality (and usually more expensive) food.  Some of my favorite recipes come from Whole Foods Market and Clean Eating Magazine.  They are simple and easy to make and once you start the ritual of making dinner each night instead of driving through the fast food lane, it becomes second nature.  All of a sudden, your food seems to taste a lot better than the over processed crap they sell through that little pick up window.  It may take a little bit of time to get used to the way "food" should actually taste, but over the course of 2-3 weeks, you will notice a difference.  Especially if you give up the processed the foods! 

RULE 4:  When it comes to your health, there is no finish line...
If you are looking to make healthier choices in the upcoming New Year, please remember that they should be life long changes.  Fad diets do not work.  If you truly want to live a healthier, happier life, you have to make actual lifestyle changes.  Short term changes do not work because you will be right back to where you started a year from now.  Educate yourself on the importance of good nutrition whether you are runner, an iron worker, or a stay at home mom.  Nutrition is what fuels your body and keeps you healthy.  Is your body a temple or an outhouse?  Start with just one change a week.  If you are interested in a 21 day program to help break your addiction to sugar, salt, and processed foods, please check out my page on the Purification Program. 

These rules are of course my own, personal rules and ways that I like to live.  I do not believe that every single person needs to follow these exactly, but you should figure out what works for you.  Figure out what makes you happy and follow that rule.  Very rarely, when I am really honest with myself, does eating a certain food make me happy.  I'm actually happiest when I have put the effort into making a really tasty meal and seeing my daughter gobble it up and say, "That was delicious!".  THAT is what makes me happy...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lyla's Mommy

It has been almost one year since I first decided I was going to try out this whole running thing.  Never in a million years would I imagine myself where I am today.  When I trained for Indy, I told myself once I was done, I was done.  I never actually thought I would "enjoy" running.  Turns out, it's my saving grace.  No matter what has happened or what my fears are or what is weighing on my mind...running clears it all.  That 40+ minutes of one foot in front of the other in the open air on an empty road is the most freeing, calming, energizing feeling I've ever experienced.  That feeling after a long, hard run when your neck has a thick coating of salt and your eyes are stinging from the sweat, but there's still a smile on your face.  That feeling of starting a race, wondering if you have the guts to push yourself to PR or finish.  That feeling of finishing a race, tears in your eyes, smile on your face and complete exhaustion and vitality at the same time.  All feelings I can't find words to describe, yet are at the tip of my tongue.  Running has changed me.  I've let go of all of my fears.  I don't say can't.  I stopped saying never and started thinking...thinking of things I thought were for others.  I started running at 5 am.  I started running at the dunes.  I started running mileage that once felt insanely difficult and now feels strangely normal.  I'm happier.  I'm healthier.  Above everything else, I'm a better mom.  Running gave me the freedom to be happy with who I am and excited to be Lyla's mommy.  Running gave me, me.  It gave me the me I always wanted to be.  I'm not the fastest runner.  I'm not the best runner.  Heck, there are times when I still laugh when I call myself a runner.  I'm a runner simply because I run and I love it.  My most important goal in this life is to be the best mommy Lyla could have.  Running has brought me to a place where I feel it's possible.  I don't feel guilty for leaving early on Sunday mornings to go run for a couple of hours and miss her waking up.  When I get home and walk through that door after a hard run, she smiles so big and says, "Mommy's home!"   I want her to find something she loves one day and have the confidence to do it.  Even if she's not the best, I want her to have that innate self-assurance to put everything she has into it and not be scared to fail.  I want her to experience that feeling of pure joy.  I know that running may not be what she will love to do but I'd be lying if I didn't admit how happy I would be to have this one thing to share with her someday. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hard Core Runners Do can I?

I haven't written about running since my post about the half marathon, so I guess I should update.  I've consistently been running three days a week, but have recently had to switch to treadmill running for 2 of those 3 days due to schedule changes for my husband.  I've had thoughts of waking up at 4am like some of the hard core runners do in order to get my run done before he has to leave for work, but it just seems so early.  Instead, I wait until 8am and take my daughter to the Y.  She gets to play with other little ones and I can get a run in on the treadmill.  If a patient ever asks me about treadmill running, I always encourage them to run outside.  The treadmill completely changes the bio mechanics of the run.  Not only are you no longer allowing your natural stride to occur, but it's difficult to run your pace.  I find it far too easy to push the arrow button up and run at a pace that is a little too fast, which then changes my stride, and then sets me up for an injury since I'm not allowing my own bio mechanics to move me above the ground.  Instead, I'm trying to keep up with the moving mat below me. 

I'd say my biggest complaint however, is that I don't "enjoy" my run.  I was reminded this morning as I was able to get a morning run squeezed in before my husband left for work later than usual, just how much joy running brings me.  When I'm on the treadmill, it feels like a workout.  When I run down the road, I see things I never pay attention to when I'm driving.  The world just seems different, almost like someone hit the pause button while I get to explore the scenes. 

This morning, as I ran down Wood Street in Chesterton, a gorgeous deer was standing just a few feet away from me as I ran by.  We watched each other as I passed and she stayed right where she was.  I couldn't believe how close we were.  I could actually see her belly move as she breathed in and out.  I ran with no purpose this morning, other than to enjoy my run.  I didn't have a set time or distance in mind.  Instead, I just ran and followed my feet. 

With a little encouragement from a wonderful runner I happen to know, my next "goal" is to start running in the those early morning hours.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, my alarm will be going off at 4:15am.  For seems worth it.  I want to enjoy my runs.  My favorite run of all time is still during a blizzard last winter when I was sprayed by a snow plow.  There were no other cars on the road, no one outside, and I got to enjoy the fresh fallen snow before the rest of the world came outside.  It was by far the most peaceful run I ever experienced, snow plow and all. That makes it worth getting up early for...enjoying the calm before noise starts.  Not to mention, I get another hour of Lyla/Mommy time before I have to go to work.  I may have just convinced myself to start becoming one of those "hard core" runners.  ..

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Purification Success Story - BN

Initially, I was just doing the detox because my wife was doing it.  I knew I’d probably be eating like a rabbit for 21 days anyway so why not take the plunge?  Now, looking back on it I’m glad I did.  The positive effects are noticeable almost from the very start.  Higher energy, clearer thinking, better BM’s to name a few.  But the biggest reward from the detox is that it is habit-forming.  We are now a month out from the end of the cleanse, and still tending towards salads for lunch, snacking on fruits and vegetables throughout the day, and chugging water like it is going out of style!  21 days of sobriety was pretty awesome too!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Purification Success Story - AM

I did the detox in May and haven't looked back. I didn't go into it looking for weight loss but as of today am 15 lbs lighter and not missing my old eating habits one bit. I have two children and a dedicated meat and potatoes husband. So it can be done! I started the detox at the same time as my marathon training and thought it would be rough but to my surprise, it's helped my speed and endurance. I feel great and have hardly veered from the original detox plan. I have found a new love for foods I never thought I'd enjoy. I sleep better and haven't taken an Alegra or Excedrin since I started. To say its the best choice I ever made is an understatement.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Run Dirty 10K

This past Sunday, I ran the Run Dirty 10K trail race at Lemon Lake.  When Misty first started this race, I swore I would never run it.  For one, I said I would never run a race period. (Look how that turned out!)  The most recent excuse was that I didn't want to get hurt, and I didn't think after 4 knee surgeries, this would be a "smart" race for me to run.  If I were being honest, I would have just said I was terrified of trail races.  The uneven terrain, the tree roots, the many "obstacles" that could leave me face down in mud puddle or limping across the finish line.  I don't know what possessed me to sign up this year, it just kind of seemed like the natural thing to do to support Fleet Feet and the Boys and Girls Club.  But as the day grew closer, I became more and more apprehensive and wasn't sure I would even show up.

The bell sounded and I started my first ever trail run.  Sometime after mile 4, I remember thinking, "this feels a lot like the last mile of the Indy mini".  I was exhausted, my entire body hurt, and I didn't know how my legs were still working.  Just as I was about to call it a day and finish the race by walking, I would hear someone yell, "Yeah Dr. B!  Way to go!"  This happened multiple times throughout the race and I can't begin to describe the kind of "push" it gave me.  I would find myself picking up my pace, or dare I say, smiling.  I believe I even gave a couple of fist pumps and thumb ups during parts of the race.  I have never enjoyed a run more than I did on Sunday.  The course was challenging, exciting, at times even a bit scary.  I almost bit it twice, I twisted my ankle once, and my legs itched from the drying mud.  I will never complain though...that was a race I will never forget.  I pushed myself and overcame my fear of trail running.  What I learned is that fear is just not knowing what to expect and overcoming fear is probably the most rewarding experience one could ever have.  I think I smiled the entire drive home.  In fact, I'm smiling just thinking of this race.  The Indy Mini was my first race...the race I proved to myself that I can run.  Run Dirty is the race that I proved to myself that I could run anything. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Common Cause of Low Back Pain

We see patients every day who have injured their backs in various ways.  However, there always seems to be a common theme to almost all of the low back injuries.  Whether the pain is a 2/10 or a 10/10, it was almost always due to an overuse injury of some kind.  Usually, people can pinpoint the exact moment their back began hurting and what caused it.  These are the easier cases to treat since we now understand the mechanism of injury.  The more difficult cases are when the pain begins as an "ache" and slowly gains momentum until the patient can no longer function without experiencing pain.  It's harder to determine what exactly started the pain, thus the mechanism is harder to understand and treat. 

If you ever start experiencing back pain, try to remember what activities you did the days leading up to the first sign of pain.  This will always help us to better diagnose and treat you.  If we know what you were doing before the pain began, we can understand which muscles were being used and in which way.  This helps to determine which muscles might have become overused and which muscles are part of the compensatory mechanism.  The types of activities to be aware of can include working around the house or yard (or some other activity that you do not normally do), changing your workout (going from elliptical to stationary bike or trying a new workout class or video), driving for long periods of time, sitting for long periods of time, or any other activity that is not part of your normal routine. 

Sometimes patients have a hard time determining if they have done anything abnormal.  Honestly, it can be as simple as picking up a small child off the floor.  This can be the "straw that broke the camel's back".  You may have had an overuse injury lingering for a long period of time causing stress in the low back muscles, specifically the lumbar spine erectors and when you reached down to pick up the small child, it created just enough stress to put those muscles into spasm.  The injury did not occur because you picked up the child.  The injury occurred because of a long standing problem of overusing the erectors in some other way.  It could be that you sit at a desk all day long, or have a long commute to and from work.  There are hundreds of different ways to overuse these muscles, so it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what is causing the overuse.

The best treatment is to treat the actual overuse problem.  If you can stabilize and strengthen the correct muscles and learn to stretch and relax the compensatory muscles, you can remain pain free for a very long time.  So, the next time you experience some low back discomfort, start taking notes as to what you have been doing for the few days leading up to the pain beginning.  Then give our office a call, bring in your notes, and we can start to figure out what exactly is causing your pain and get you back to a pain free life.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tight Hamstrings

Probably one of the most common questions I get asked is how to get rid of tight hamstrings.  People always tell me they stretch and stretch and stretch and still they suffer from pulling and tightness in the hamstrings.  First of all, I know most people do not spend their entire day stretching their hamstrings, and if they do and the hamstring is still tight, then maybe the problem is not the hamstring.  Maybe, the problem lies somewhere else.  We have found that more times than not, the hamstrings are so tight because they are compensating for another muscle.  It may be as simple as figuring out which muscle is not working properly and that will usually allow the hamstring to finally loosen up.  Once the hamstring is responsive to stretching, I recommend stretching the hamstrings 2-5 times per day for a few weeks.  This is something that we can treat in our office, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call.  We are able to figure out which muscle is not working correctly and also give you proper stretches for the hamstrings. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Purification Success Story - MM

Here's my testimony of this great journey.

When I started the detox program my intention was to balance my sugar and perhaps loose a bit of weight, for I had been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I love my carbs, my meat, and my sugar, but I'm not an exercise lover. The first week was hard and I really missed the bread and the meat, specially when I was challenged at different festive events where healthy food was not served. After the second week, I started noticing the changes. I started sleeping through the night like a baby without waking up. Now, I am not craving the sugar or carbs anymore. I stopped trembling when I get hungry, and I'm consuming more fish than meat.  I started walking every day and I now my clothes are fitting bigger on me. I have so much energy to do things, when before I needed a nap every day after work just to get a second wind for the evening. For years I had intestinal and acid reflux issues and now they are gone. My skin and my hair look better and feel soft. I took allergy pills every day for many years and I have not taken one allergy pill since I started the program.I feel very light and great about myself! I only crave all good and healthy foods, I'm reading labels, which I never thought I would be doing. I stopped making excuses for not eating healthy. I'm learning to listen to my body and know the discomforts of eating the wrong foods. I am so glad I decided to take this journey, for it has been the hardest and greatest thing I've ever done in my life.

According to my last evaluation, I have lost 18 lbs., this is a huge accomplishment for me. My goal is to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you Tiffany for the support!


Friday, June 29, 2012

Purification Success Story - RDV

Holy cow, I have never felt this good! After the first week of MAJOR withdraw from coffee and salts, I can’t tell you how much better I feel. If anyone tries the program, DO NOT GIVE UP IN THE FIRST WEEK!!! If it is hard, that just means you have a lot of “addictions” to get past and you will feel that much better after you conquer them.

I have lost about 20lbs even though this is not a weight loss program. I have learned to have a different relationship with food and can now make better choices based on what I have learned. I have a happier disposition & look forward to any type of exercise and activity (did not have the desire to move after or before work before starting this program). I am sure my blood pressure is better although I did not check it before I started, I will be doing that the next time I am at Walgreens.

I have enjoyed cooking and preparing food...NEW foods. Adding natural flavors / seasonings and experimenting has been a blast. My kids have even enjoyed some of the creations although it is hard to get them to embrace all the healthier foods (working on that). I do find my thought process, vision & daily routines better and a bit easier and less stressful. That might be in my head but I don’t care, the program helped get me to this point.

My last few years have been extremely stressful with issues at work and family. I had made poor choices with regard to my health and eating partially due to those stresses. This detox has help renew my positive outlook on life and my health. Thanks Tiffany! I will continue to use what you helped start and will continue a healthier life style!


Friday, June 15, 2012



This program emphasizes whole, organic, non-genetically modified foods (especially fruits and vegetables) that provide the vitamins, nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants the body needs for detoxification, as well as Standard Process’ whole food purification supplements that work synergistically to give the body the resources it needs to purify and rebuild itself naturally. 

The program is broken into two phases of a 21 day restricted diet.  The first 10 days will consist of fruits and vegetables only, supported by nutrition shakes and whole food supplements.  The second part, days 11-21, will see the addition of lean meat and fish, along with vegetables, fruits and supporting shakes and whole food supplements.  After completing the 21 day purification, the focus will be to maintain this healthy lifestyle for the long haul. 


Sodas – Beyond the sugar content (real or fake), the active ingredient, phosphoric acid, alkalizes our normally acidic bodies.  This causes a leeching of calcium and other minerals in an effort to neutralize the system.  This is a major contributor in osteoporosis. 

Sugar – Sugar costs you more than your teeth.  At an average consumption rate of 130 pounds per person, per year, sugar depresses cell mediated immunity by 50% for 120 minutes after sugar ingestion of 75 grams.  This happens because glucose competes with the absorption of vitamin C into the cell.  Sugar also may lead to cancer.  A 100 gram portion of sugar can significantly reduce the capacity of white blood cells to engulf bacteria and cancer cells.  Maximum immune suppression occurs one to two hours after ingestion and remains suppressed for up to five hours. 

Other foods – table salt, condiments with sugar, colorings, corn syrup, toxic additives (salad dressing, bbq sauce, marinade), artificial sweeteners (NutraSweet/equal/splenda), MSG, margarine and other artificial man-made butters and spreads, candy and chocolate, wheat, corn, and processed, packaged, “heat and serve” foods. 
The following can be healthy but should be avoided during the 21 days – beans, nuts, soy, and dairy except real butter, which is allowed during the purification as part of the oils).


Corn is NOT a vegetable, but a grain.  Like many grains, it is a common allergen. 


Daily exercise is highly recommended for maximum benefits.  This will enhance weight loss and stimulate detoxifying sweat.  A minimum of 30 minutes daily up to six days a week is optimal.  Great activities during the program include walking, stretching, pilates, yoga, and swimming. 


Popular, commercial diet plans often consist of processed foods and do not contain components of purification.  The purification program is in fact not a weight-loss centered diet at all.  Although weight loss is a desired and common side-effect of participation, it is not the focus.  Weight loss without purification still leaves the need for detoxification and nutritional support.  This program is focused on creating habits of healthy eating that encourage a healthier lifestyle.   


The average person can be confidently assured in a weight loss of 2-3 pounds a week with strict adherence to the program and with no sense of deprivation.  However, the use of scales during the program is not recommended.  As with most valid diets, it is not uncommon for you to gain weight in the first days of the program.  Scale watching is akin to watching water boil – pointless.  Just as water always boils, you will lose weight on this program.  I also teach that weight is irrelevant to begin with.  Body image and body composition are where true health lie.  A healthy ratio of fat to lean muscle and how you perceive your body is healthy – not a number on a scale.  Scale watching leads to failure.  Stop doing it and focus on your health!


Dr. Bozovich will work with each and every participant as much as needed to ensure success on the program.  As part of the program, each solo or group participant receives a daily email with time sensitive directions, motivational help and recipes.  There will also be a group facebook page for participants to share recipes, concerns, and successes.  Prior to the start of the program, Dr. Bozovich will lead the group through the grocery store and point out “safe” foods and helpful hints for during the program.  At the end of the program, there will be a final meeting with the group to go over how to maintain your new lifestyle in everyday life. 

Each participant will also receive a handbook that outlines the program and includes recipes and additional information.


Reactions can occur and should be expected.  In fact, this is generally a good thing!  Examples include, but are not limited to, increased sweating, increased urine and bowel movements, urine color and odor changes, and mild flu-like symptoms as the body is flushing toxins.  This is natural as the body starts to burn fat and normal insulin levels drop.  This should level out after a few days. 

Increased bowel movements are a normal response to increased toxin clearing.  Diarrhea can also occur early on for the same reason.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, constipation can also occur in response to increased toxin elimination.  Make sure to let me know if you experience either of these problems. 

On rare occasions, skin break-outs can occur, because the skin is a major organ of toxin elimination.  Don’t fret, this should pass quickly.  If large areas of rash appear, let me know.  This too is probably just your body attempting to clear away stored toxins and move them out to the urine, stool and sweat as it is supposed to do. 

In some instances, people will experience a throbbing sensation in the head, generalized aches, itchy skin and even a little fatigue.  These symptoms are a normal response to cleaning away poisons and should pass after the first few days.  Once they pass, hold on, you should start to feel better than you have in years!  For acute control, try using naturally low-caffeine green tea in the mornings and after lunch.  Also, try eating smaller meals more often to balance blood sugar.    Report any anaphylaxis type reactions immediately (fever, swelling, rash).  These are extremely rare on this program. 


Empty the contents of the capsules into your daily shakes.  Tablets can be crushed and used in the same fashion.  Chewing the supplements is not recommended. 


Absolutely!  First, consult with Dr. Bozovich before starting the program so she can tailor the program for you.  Diabetics actually benefit from the program as it is designed to help balance blood sugar metabolism.  If you are on insulin, always check blood sugar before injecting.  You will be asked to eat smaller meals more frequently.  Blueberries, sweet potatoes, and lentils (1 cup/day) will be used to support your blood sugar.  Gymnema tablets will be used to increase insulin sensitivity. 


Yes.  There are no known drug interactions with the program.  If you are currently taking blood thinners, please speak with your medical doctor before starting this program.    


In most cases, no because the program will ensure all nutritional needs are met.  Also, synthetic vitamins should be avoided on the program in lieu of the whole food Standard Process supplements. 


Yes!  Attendance at the kick-off lecture is highly encouraged but not required.  All of the support material will be provided via email if you cannot attend. 


Absolutely!  The information presented by Dr. Bozovich at the kick-off is free to anyone interested in improving their health without obligation.  The information can be used to improve your own diet whether you participate in the purification program or not. 


No!  Spouses, friends of patients, and other family members can all participate.


No problem.  The supplies can be shipped and all information will be shared via email.  You will also have access to the group Facebook page. 


The cost of the program is $223 plus tax.  This includes everything you will need to complete the program, plus extra for maintenance after the 21 days. 

This price includes:

·         All of the supplements and shakes needed for the 21 day program (there will be left over shakes to use for the maintenance portion following the 21 day program).

·         A written program manual

·         A pre and post program evaluation of health by Dr. Bozovich and a complimentary nutritional consult at the conclusion of the program to evaluate any additional supplements you might need once finishing the program. 

·         Daily support emails including information on what to expect, reminders of what supplements to take, recipes and motivation help to keep you on track. 

·         Kick off meeting prior to program and maintenance lecture at the end of the program.

·         Access to the Facebook support page

·         Access via email and facebook to Dr. Bozovich during the entire program.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Ran a Half Marathon

Before last November, I never even imagined saying those words out loud.  Heck, I didn't even want to think those words.  But in November 2011, I signed up for the Indy Half Marathon and never looked back.  Those were 13.1 of the most rewarding, brutal, and eye opening miles of my life. 

Every runner has a story.  A reason they first started, a reason they continue, and a reason they choose the races they run.  I imagine if you are not a runner, it's hard to understand the love most runners have for the sport.  If you are not a runner, think of something that brings you joy each time you experience it.  That is running for most runners. 

It's been 12 years since I've played a competitive basketball game.  It's been 12 years since I had felt the joy I have experienced over the past 6 months while training.  Around mile 9 of the half marathon, I started to question what I was doing, but I kept running.  As each mile marker came into sight, I just kept thinking, "Don't stop, keep running".  I had my Ipod on shuffle with over 200 songs.  As I rounded the corner to start the final stretch to the finish line, "Don't Stop Believing" started to play.  I honestly had to choke back tears and try not to grin like a goofy 10 year old girl.  There are no words to describe how I felt when I crossed that finish line.  It was a mix of joy, pride, and physical exhaustion.  Every runner has a story...this is mine.  This is the story of how I found joy in something again.    

There really are no limits in life.  You have to believe that you can achieve them and figure out how to do it.  This post is long overdo, but it's difficult to write about what running that half marathon felt like.  My advice to you if you have lost that joy in your life...don't stop believing and you will find it.  Having faith in yourself and believing in yourself are the best gifts you can ever give.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Journey

I woke up before my alarm even went off.  I thought about what I was about to do for just a few moments and then got ready.  The shoes were on and I was out the door.  After half a mile, I realized my knees didn't hurt, my breathing felt good, it was way too hot for 6am, but I felt fantastic.  This was my last "training run" before my very first race.  5 months ago, I never thought this day would come.  For the first 3 months of training, my knees felt like they belonged to a 90 year old woman for the first couple of miles.  I could barely walk down the stairs after anything longer than a 2 mile run.  There were days I really didn't want to run and there were days that I tried to talk myself out of it.  There were days I wanted to quit and there were days I wanted to cry.  There were runs I wanted to quit.  I missed 2 total runs in my training.  1 short run and 1 long.  Other than those two days, I made myself go.  I never let myself quit.  No matter how horrible I felt at the beginning of some of those runs, I ALWAYS felt amazing when I finished. 

You learn a lot about yourself when you start running.  You learn about your physical abilities, your spirit and your will to finish something.  You learn how to push through discomfort.  You learn that running 6 miles without water is a bad idea.  You learn that waking up 2 hours before a long run is expected and encouraged.  You learn to enjoy the scenery.  You learn that training really does work and those 10 miles that once scared the hell out of you, still scare the hell out of you, but you can do it.  You learn that snow plow drivers are extremely bored and you provide endless entertainment if you are nuts enough to run in a blizzard.  You learn that running in a blizzard makes you feel like a bad ass...until you slip on the ice and land on your bad ass.  You learn that going for a run can fix almost anything.  Maybe more than anything, you learn that you love to run.

Saturday, I will run 13.1 miles.  Something I have never done in my life.  At the beginning of this, I thought this was going to be the hardest thing I have ever done.  I was wrong.  This has been one of the most rewarding, therapeutic life lessons I have ever experienced.  In all honesty, this was a journey I was destined to take.  I've always had a bit of rebellion and stubbornness in me that needed a good outlet.  Telling me I would never run again was probably the best thing that ever happened to me.  It brought me to a career that I love with all of my heart and now a new hobby that has changed my life in so many amazing ways.  I never imagined I would feel this way, but I really have learned that I love to run. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Core Stabilization

Whether you are a runner, aerobic instructor, or you hate exercising all together, having a strong core can help decrease injuries and pain in all areas of the body. For the athlete, it can actually help peak performance, allowing for increased endurance and function. Having a stable core keeps the torso more erect, which allows the chest to remain expanded, especially during fatigue. This allows the athlete to last longer than those with a weak center. If the core is unstable, it can lead to muscle tightness in other areas of the bodies and eventually lead to injury when doing everyday activities. Something as simple as picking up a child can cause the compensatory muscles to go into spasm and results in a very painful injury to the low back. Below are some great stabilizing exercises for the core. If you have any questions or are interested in core stabilization, you can make an appointment so we can address your concerns or needs.

1. Basic Plank - Starting at the top of a pushup position, bend your elbows and lower yourself down until you can shift your weight from your hands to your forearms. Your body should form a straight line. Brace your abs (imagine someone is about to punch you in the gut) and hold for 60 seconds. If you can't make it to 60 seconds, hold for 5 to 10 seconds and rest for 5 seconds, continuing for 1 minute. Focus on form: Don't drop your hips or raise your butt.

2. Side Plank - Lie on your left side with your body in a straight line from head to toe, right foot on top of left foot, left forearm on floor for support, and right arm extended toward ceiling. Contract abs and lift hips upward; hold 10-30 seconds. Lower, rest a few seconds; then repeat on right side to complete 1 rep. Work up to 3 reps. (To make the move easier, bend your legs.)

3. One Leg Bridge - Lie on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor. Lift up through your abs until hips are in line with knees. Extend one leg outward. Hold for 2-3 seconds. Lower the leg, keeping hips in the air, and repeat on the other side. Alternate legs for 20 repetitions (10 on each side). Rest and repeat 1 more time.

4. Twisting Crunch - Lie face up on mat, feet in air with knees bent at 90-degree angle. Place hands behind head, elbows wide. Lift shoulders off mat, rotating right shoulder toward outside of left knee as you lower knees slightly to left. Return to center, and repeat on opposite side. Continue alternating for one minute.

5. Back Extensions - Lie on your stomach. Place both hands behind the head. Draw the lower abdomen toward the spine. Squeeze the gluteus, depress and retract the shoulder blades.Keep the feet down, lift the chest off of the floor. Hold for a full contraction, then slowly return to starting position.

6. Jackknife with Ball - Start behind the exercise ball, place your midsection on the ball and roll forward until your hands reach the floor. Walk out with your hands until the ball is underneath your ankles. Have your hands just outside of shoulder width. Hold the push-up position and retain a strong core. EXHALE: Bend at the knees and pull the ball up towards your torso, bringing your knees to your chest. Keep the movement smooth and don't drop your hips or raise your lower back.
INHALE: Extend your legs back to the starting position. Try doing 2 sets with 10-12 repetitions.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The People You Meet

I was at a seminar over the weekend where the presenter said the following, "Five years from now, you will be the exact same person you are today, changed only by the books you read and the people you meet."  What an incredibly true statement.  I look back over the past 5 years and am amazed at the changes I have gone through...but when it comes down to it, I'm the same person changed by the knowledge I've gained through the things I've read and the people who have inspired, influenced and driven me to make changes. 

As the time winds down to this hefty goal of running a half marathon, I've been spending a lot of time self reflecting on these longer runs.  I'm proud of myself.  I stuck with my training, learned more than I ever thought imaginable, made some great new friends, inspired some close friends and family, and proved to myself that no goal is too high if you have a plan and stick with it. 

When I cross that finish line, I anticipate a few tears.  For many people, finishing a half marathon is a physical goal they wish to check off of their list.  It's the next step in their training.  For me, it's a new life.  I never imagined how much running would change my life.  As I began this journey, I was unsure if my knees could take it.  I was unsure if my mind would let go of the fear.  The weeks passed by and slowly I gained my confidence.  I started running faster.  I started running because I loved it.  I found myself on google the other day searching for more races this summer and fall.  I started thinking about vacations we could take where there are fun races.  I started thinking about running on trails with my daughter in the future.  That's enough to get the faucets pouring.  I never truly believed I could run again.  I thought I would tough it out for the half marathon and then go back to life as usual.  Now there is a whole new life in front of me that I can't wait to share with friends and family.  To think that one day, I'll run with Lyla in her first 5k (if she decides it's something she wants to do of course!) brings the biggest smile to my face and true joy in my heart.

It really is amazing to think about how so many people have influenced and changed my life.  It's even more amazing to think of how I can help change other's lives.  At the closing of the seminar, the speaker said, "Make sure that the people you meet are happy they met you."  I honestly can't think of a better way to live. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

4 Weeks to Go...

I began this amazing journey almost 20 weeks ago.  I ran my first mile on a treadmill at the YMCA.  I remember finishing the mile and more of those.  Not sure I can do that.  I remember running my first 7 mile run about a month ago and more of those.  Not sure I can do that.  Last Saturday I ran 11 miles.  When I finished, I thought, only 2.1 more of those.  I totally got this.  I've felt an amazing calm come over me the past couple of weeks.  I feel like I can do this.  Sure, I have days when I don't want to run, but all I have to do is think of that amazing post run feeling and it gets me out of bed, then out the door.  There is absolutely nothing in the world that can compare to running on an open road at 6 am, finishing 10 miles for the very first time.  I still smile at the end of every run...because after every run that I finish, I have proved that I CAN do this.  There is no longer a voice doubting my ability to run or telling me it's going to hurt later.  Instead, there is a voice that tells me to smile and be so thankful that I have met the amazing runners that have come into my office and inspired me to do this.  I'm so excited for the half marathon.  I'm even more excited to continue this journey long after the race.  I don't foresee a marathon in my future, but I do see many, many 6 am runs ending with a smile. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Catching the Bug

I was scheduled to run 4 1/2 miles this past Thursday.  I woke up around 4 am and doubled over in pain as I tried to race it to the bathroom.  I felt like someone had hit me in the stomach with a bat and it was apparent I was about to lose last nights dinner.  I spent most of Thursday morning (4-11am) sitting on my bathroom floor, realizing I had caught whatever nasty stomach bug was currently making its way around.  While lying on the floor of my bathroom, I-phone in hand, I messaged my "coach" and asked what was I to do.  I obviously couldn't run today, but I had 4 1/2 miles planned.  If you know me really well, you understand my obsession with "plans".  If I have a plan, I stick to it.  I don't like to veer off the path and I don't deal well with changes to said plan.  (This became quite challenging once I became a mom by the way, so I have in ways, learned to cope.)  My instructions from my "coach" were to wait till I felt 100% until I ran and to just pick up with my training at that time and not to play catch up.  In my mind, this meant run 4 1/2 Friday and wait to run my 9 miles on Sunday.  By Thursday evening, I had chills and a fever and fell asleep around 7pm.  When I woke drenched in sweat Friday morning, I was ecstatic that my fever had broken and I was feeling like myself again.  Well...more like myself with a pretty gnarly hangover.  I made it through work that morning and had an old patient visit me when we were finishing up in the office.  I shared with her my previous days adventure and told her my plan to run 4 1/2 later that day.  She looked at me like I was crazy.  I must add that this patient is one of my "crazy runner" patients who wouldn't slow down if you paid her.  She advised me to just rest and pick up again once I'm feeling better.  A patient just told me to basically stop acting crazy.  That's it.  I've definitely caught the bug.  I honestly didn't believe it until now.  Especially since it's 6 am on Saturday, and I'm sipping my coffee and about to have a little peanut butter toast.  At 7:30, my husband and I have a babysitter coming over to the house so we can run our 9 miles.  I have become one of "them".  I have caught the bug with no intention of getting better anytime soon! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Purification Success Story - Nancy Wahlen

The Toxic Cleanse has been the best thing I have ever done for myself!

 Turning 50 this year has been a turning point in my life. Before starting the Cleanse I had severe acid reflux and high blood pressure -I'm on medication for both. Then there are my addictions to Diet Coke and salt. I have always felt bloated and tired - doing things just seemed hard.

 I was seeing Dr. Bozovich for hip pain when she had just started the 21 Day Cleanse. I saw her 3 times a week and was so excited to hear about and see her progress on the Cleanse. I was so impressed with what I heard and saw that I asked her if she would help me get started on the Cleanse.

 Day 1 of my Cleanse started February 9, 2012 - taking 10 pills, 3 times a day with 24 ounces of water with each dose. The first couple of days were hard - drinking so much water, taking so many pills, the shakes and I had to eat too!! That all became easier by day 4 and 5.

 Days 4 to 6 I became achy and a bit headachy - probably dealing with some caffeine withdral and the detox starting to work. Dr. Bozovich forewarned me this might happen so I wasn't worried. She said that this is when the kidneys and liver are going into overdrive and working hard to start eliminating the toxins. Once I got past day 7 it became easier. The achiness went away and taking the pills and shakes was no problem. By week 3, the Cleanse was my "normal".

 My biggest vice was Diet Coke. Dr. Bozovich mentioned that she didn't crave coffee and her husband didn't crave Coke during their Cleanse. I wanted to believe her but I thought that I was too far gone to have Diet Coke eliminated from my diet completely. I WAS WRONG! After 35 years of drinking some type of diet pop daily (and lots of it), I went the entire 21 days without a pop! More surprising - I don't care if I have one now - I prefer ice water! That's crazy to me!

 Also before the Cleanse I was a salt-a-holic. I put salt in everything and on everything. During the Cleanse I used sea salt, pepper, fresh garlic, fresh jalapeno peppers and fresh onion as flavoring. Now, I don't crave the salt and actually find it a little overwhelming.

 I would recommend this process to any adult of any age - food just tastes better and I am far more conscious of what I am putting in my body.

 I turned 50 on March 5, 2012, right after finishing the 21 Day Cleanse and I have not felt this healthy, clear-headed and alert in many, many years. My acid reflux is SIGNIFICANTLY better as is my high blood pressure. The Cleanse made improvements the medication alone could not do. The Cleanse is something we all owe to ourselves. It's a lifestyle change that will make you feel good physically and mentally. You have to be ready to commit - but it is worth it!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Finding Motivation

I went to bed last night knowing full well I would not be waking up at 5:45 to run my scheduled 4 miles.  My legs and glutes were aching from the morning's workout (30 minutes of squats, lunges, push get the picture).  My mind was exhausted from a very long, challenging day in the office and all I could think of was a very large glass of red wine.  It was just "one of those days" and I had my mind made up that a good night's sleep was well deserved.  7 AM came pretty quickly as I was woken by a very excited little girl jumping and screaming "dadaaaaaa!!" from her crib.  I had no guilt for not running...yet.  I got Lyla ready for the day and scooted us out the door to make it to pilates at 8.  We visited with a couple of friends after the class and headed home to play.  Lyla went down for a nap shortly after 11 and the guilt still hadn't set in.  My legs weren't quite as sore now though, and it felt pretty nice outside.  I realized that my husband was working from home at this time out in the garage, so if I really wanted to, I could squeeze my run in during Lyla's nap.  I quickly changed and got extremely excited that things were working out.  I never felt guilty like I thought I would for not running.  I thought for sure that would be my motivation to get my run finished today.  Instead, my motivation came from that little voice inside my head that said, "It's just 4 miles and you'll love it!"  It's funny where I find motivation for my runs now.  Some days, usually on longer runs, it comes from the bragging rights of being able to say I ran so far.  Other days, it comes from wanting to feel better and knowing that after any run, I always have a better outlook on situations.  But today was a first.  Today, my motivation came from wanting to do something that I enjoy.  That, my friend, is what the old me would call just plain crazy.  I like this new me....she's a little crazy. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Patient Success Story - Jo Anne Brown

In November of 2011, for some unknown reason, I took my sister up on an idea to join a training group through Fleet Feet, Schererville, IN. We met several great people including our main trainer-coach, Steve Hoye. We would be walking/jogging 3 times a week at various intervals. The goal was that after 10 weeks of training we would walk/jog a 5K.
"Well", you might say, "Why is that such a big deal?" I have MS! "Yes", MS and that is not an abbreviation for Mississippi.....I was diagnosed in 2000. As a part of our training we were given several brochures, business cards and presentations from various sport "gurus". I went to my first two weeks of training and thought, "Wow, this isn't going to be too bad." Just as silently as the MS came over me, so did some major tightening and cramping of my calves to the point where I could barely move. It seems a slate of issues became apparent including knee pain and hamstrings to boot. With MS you don't like to tell people you have it; you want people to get to know you and not your illness. So, I mentioned to Steve, our trainer-coach, that I was having some problems (I didn't tell him about the MS.) He suggested that I see Dr. Tiffany Bozovich. I made an appointment and Dr. Tiffany gave me a "Free Screening". I might add that at first I thought she couldn't possibly be the doctor as she looked about 12! I told her that I had MS and wanted to know if the cramping was due to the MS or just the new exercising. She was very reassuring and examined me carefully and gave me several exercises I could do at home to help alleviate the symptoms. Dr. Tiffany and her advice made me feel so much better that I have continued to see her on a weekly basis and walked/jogged my first 5K this past Sunday without any pain.
I would like to recommend Dr. Tiffany to you, as I now refer to her as my MIRACLE SUPPORTER! It is obvious that Tiffany loves her work and is extremely supportive of her patients and their needs; she has been a source of reference and of strength. If any of you watch or have watched the Biggest Loser you will know that this season is themed, "No Excuses"! Because of Dr. Bozovich, I have adopted this as my own mantra! No I am looking forward to a new 13 week series of training sessions and my next 5K in April thanks to Dr. Bozovich, who I know will be there with me each step of the way.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Take on Stretching

Although recent research states that stretching may not have an obvious impact on decreasing the chance of injury, it does have many benefits for athletes and couch potatoes alike. Almost everyone understands the feeling of "needing to stretch". After sitting for a long period of time and standing up, it's practically automatic for a person to stretch out the muscles that have tightened up while sitting. When muscles are tight, they need to be stretched. But how a person stretches can actually have a great impact on the effectiveness of the stretching. Always be sure that the muscles are warm prior to stretching. Some simple jumping jacks or marching in place for 2-3 minutes can do the trick. Following this quick warm up with some dynamic stretching is important. You want to allow the joints to slowly and gently reach full range of motion through movements. I've listed below my favorite dynamic stretches.

  1. Ankle rolls - Either sitting or standing, place one leg out in front of you and slowly roll the ankle in one direction a few times and then in the opposite direction. Focus on feeling the muscles in the foot, ankle, and lower leg "stretch" during the movement.
  2. Non-weighted squat - Standing with legs shoulder width apart, bend your knees, lower your bottom and keep your chest and head up. Your knees should never go beyond your feet. Only squat as low as is comfortable, and attempt to squat lower with each repetition. 5-10 should be good. If you have bad knees, try using a stability ball. Place the ball against a wall and lean your back into it. Use the ball to help you squat down and take some of the weight off of your knees.
  3. Arm circles - With arms outstretched to your sides at shoulder height, circle your arms in small circles about the diameter of a soccer ball. After 5-10 circles, reverse and repeat. Then increase the diameter to full range of motion of the shoulder slowly over 5-10 more reps in each direction.
  4. Neck rolls - Allow the head to relax to one side (ear to shoulder). Feel the stretch on the opposite side of the neck and slowly lower the head and roll to the opposite side. Roll from side to side, always keeping the head down. (You should not be doing full circles, but instead half circles from one side to another.)

Once you've completed dynamic stretching you can continue with a work out or if you are just stretching, continue on to more static stretches which are the more common stretches people know. These are the stretches that will help gain more flexibility and help build endurance in the muscles. Endurance is gained by increasing the capacity of the muscles, which can be done through stretching. It can also help relax the muscles if they are over-used or tight. Below I have listed my favorite static stretches. I recommend doing one repetition and holding for 15 seconds for each stretch. Make sure to always stretch both sides of the body!

  1. Neck stretch - Ear to shoulder (lateral flexion)
  2. Bicep stretch - Hold on to something at should height, keep elbow straight, and turn away
  3. Tricep stretch - Arm above head, drop hand behind head and gently use other hand to gently push elbow down.
  4. Deltoid stretch - stretch arm across chest, using other arm to gently pull arm across.
  5. Quadricep stretch - Bend your knee and pull foot behind same side buttocks. Careful to keep your knee in line with hip.
  6. Hamstring stretch - Stand with foot outstretched on a chair. Keep head and chest up and pull your toes of the outstretched leg towards you.
  7. Calf stretch - same as above with foot on the floor.
  8. Piriformis stretch - This one is difficult to explain. Lie on your back and cross your right ankle over your left knee. Gently grab your left thigh with both hands and pull your left knee towards you allowing your left food to come off the ground.
  9. Adductor stretch - while seated, put the soles of your feet together and allow knees to gently go down towards the floor. You can hold onto your feet and use your elbows to gently push the knees farther down.

If you have any questions or need tips on great ways to stretch the above muscles, please feel free to call the office. Hope this is a good start to a new stretching routine for you!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Detoxification is OVER!!!!

22 days ago, I began a 3 week detoxification.  I had heard good things about the company and the product and I wanted to try it for myself.  The program is designed to not only rid the body of toxins, but to also retrain your brain on how to eat.  It basically forces you to eat nutrient dense "good for you food" for 3 weeks in an effort to change your eating habits. worked.  I'm embarrassed to say that I was drinking close to a pot of coffee a day.  As soon as I woke up, it was straight to the Keurig.  Today, I had half a cup with a little bit of cinnamon and almond milk and felt satisfied.  I didn't even want a second cup and poured part of the first cup down the sink.  Lunch today was easy.  I had to go to a meeting and I ordered the grilled chicken salad with oil and vinegar dressing.  I'm sure a lot of people are reading this and shaking their head at the "boring" choices I now make for my meals.  The funny thing is, I don't see them as boring.  The fresher the food, the better it sounds to me.  I'm fitting back into my pre-pregnancy pants and feel more energized and better all together than I ever have.  I wake up in the morning and get right out of bed instead of hitting the snooze 6 times.  I can walk right past the bakery section of the grocery store and I can honestly say, the donuts don't even look good anymore.  Well....they look good, but I don't want them.  I know how I'll feel when I eat them.  21 days ago I was convinced this wasn't going to work.  I was convinced I'd go right back to drinking a pot of coffee and craving sugary snacks.  I'm glad I proved myself wrong.  I've never felt better and I have no intentions of ever returning to my bad habits.  If you'd like more information on this amazing 3 week program just send me an email and I'd be happy to share the details.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Run With a Smile....

Ask any athlete after reconstructive surgery if they truly believe they can perform like they did pre-surgery. Chances are many athletes will put on the smile, puff out their chest, and proclaim that they will be even better. Chances are, behind that brave face is a frightened, beat down, lonely version of the athlete prior to going under the knife.  No matter the athlete’s age, surgery will change them.  Whether they accept it or not…whether they admit it out loud or not, they are now a different person physically.  Things have been moved or removed from their original location.  The body is not the one they once knew.  Yes, behind that brave face is a much different athlete. 
Last Saturday morning I went for my first ever 5 mile run.  The roads were covered in ice.  The wind was brutal.  I had a nasty cold that allowed me to breathe out of one nostril.  I wanted nothing more than to sleep in.  But, I went.  During the last half mile of what was by far my hardest run to date, I started to smile.  I realized that the younger, stronger, and much more physically “able” version of me from 11 years ago (before my final knee surgery) would never have done what I just did.  I began to laugh as I realized that I am in fact a much different athlete.  Behind my frozen nose and chapped lips, lives an athlete that has learned how to drive this amazing “somewhat altered” machine to places that frightened, beat down, lonely girl never imagined she’d go. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Doctors make the WORST patients...

The training continues.  I ran 4.5 miles on Saturday, which was my longest run to date.  I felt great.  I honestly end every run with a smile.  Being told you will never run again certainly changes the way running feels.  The knee is feeling pretty good and I barely notice it during runs.  A few times over the holidays, I had minor swelling, but nothing a little ice and stretching couldn't take care of.  I also noticed that during those couple of weeks, I was missing my pilates class for various reasons.  I always do an hour of pilates following my Tuesday and Thursday runs, but had missed a few during the holidays.  As soon as I started up my classes again, I haven't noticed the little twinges in the knee.  Pilates is phenomenal for building core strength, but it is also great way to force yourself to stretch the hamstrings.  I know that for me personally, if my hamstrings become tight, I start to have increased knee pain.  I preach to my patients how important certain stretches are for their specific issues, but it wasn't until now that I realized I needed to start listening more to myself!  Sometimes, the worst patients are the doctors!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Patient Success Story - Lisa Knestrict

I did not start running long distances until the summer of 2007...I ran my first half marathon!  Things were going great.  I ran a few half marathons the next year, and then I found myself injured in the spring of 2009.  After seeing an orthopedic who suggested resting for 6 weeks and extensive x-rays/MRIs, I decided to try out a chiropractor.  I found Dr. Bozovich luckily through my insurance website.

I was so nervous to see a chiropractor--but I was willing to do anything BESIDES rest for 6 weeks.  She was great. No cracking or manipulations. Just a few simple exercises to get my muscles to "turn back on"  along with some excellent massage therapy!!!!  I felt better within a couple of weeks...and I got to continue running through my recovery. 

I have been back a few times within the past few years. Always just a few quick visits to get me back on track.  I believe I have referred at least 10 fellow runners to her.  We all joke around and call her "the witch doctor," because we have no idea how it all works.  But we know it does work and we wouldn't trade her for the world!!!! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Don't tell anyone...

I am really enjoying this whole running adventure.  So much so, that I actually thought about doing this after the mini is over.  This might actually become part of my life.  Hard to believe, especially if you've ever seen me in my office when I make it a point to let everyone know that runners are pretty much out of their minds (in a good way of course).  I've experienced just the tiniest of left hip pain after my 3 mile run yesterday.  But, I did a simple movement pattern and the pain was gone within a few hours.  I even went to a 45 min pilates class last night and felt even better.  Did I mention I ran 3 miles yesterday?  That is the farthest I have ever ran in my entire life.  I've always played sports and been pretty active, but never a runner.  I like this.  I like the feeling of an open road in front of me, with my destination getting closer with each stride.  I always thought I'd buy a Harley one day so I could experience that "open road" feeling that my dad always talked about.  Well, I think I found it and I understand.  There is just something so peaceful and almost spiritual about seeing the open road with no one around you.  It's just you and the pavement under your feet.  Who knows, maybe one day I will buy that Harley.  But for now, I like the idea of letting my feet take me where I never thought I could go.