Saturday, March 17, 2012

Catching the Bug

I was scheduled to run 4 1/2 miles this past Thursday.  I woke up around 4 am and doubled over in pain as I tried to race it to the bathroom.  I felt like someone had hit me in the stomach with a bat and it was apparent I was about to lose last nights dinner.  I spent most of Thursday morning (4-11am) sitting on my bathroom floor, realizing I had caught whatever nasty stomach bug was currently making its way around.  While lying on the floor of my bathroom, I-phone in hand, I messaged my "coach" and asked what was I to do.  I obviously couldn't run today, but I had 4 1/2 miles planned.  If you know me really well, you understand my obsession with "plans".  If I have a plan, I stick to it.  I don't like to veer off the path and I don't deal well with changes to said plan.  (This became quite challenging once I became a mom by the way, so I have in ways, learned to cope.)  My instructions from my "coach" were to wait till I felt 100% until I ran and to just pick up with my training at that time and not to play catch up.  In my mind, this meant run 4 1/2 Friday and wait to run my 9 miles on Sunday.  By Thursday evening, I had chills and a fever and fell asleep around 7pm.  When I woke drenched in sweat Friday morning, I was ecstatic that my fever had broken and I was feeling like myself again.  Well...more like myself with a pretty gnarly hangover.  I made it through work that morning and had an old patient visit me when we were finishing up in the office.  I shared with her my previous days adventure and told her my plan to run 4 1/2 later that day.  She looked at me like I was crazy.  I must add that this patient is one of my "crazy runner" patients who wouldn't slow down if you paid her.  She advised me to just rest and pick up again once I'm feeling better.  A patient just told me to basically stop acting crazy.  That's it.  I've definitely caught the bug.  I honestly didn't believe it until now.  Especially since it's 6 am on Saturday, and I'm sipping my coffee and about to have a little peanut butter toast.  At 7:30, my husband and I have a babysitter coming over to the house so we can run our 9 miles.  I have become one of "them".  I have caught the bug with no intention of getting better anytime soon! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Purification Success Story - Nancy Wahlen

The Toxic Cleanse has been the best thing I have ever done for myself!

 Turning 50 this year has been a turning point in my life. Before starting the Cleanse I had severe acid reflux and high blood pressure -I'm on medication for both. Then there are my addictions to Diet Coke and salt. I have always felt bloated and tired - doing things just seemed hard.

 I was seeing Dr. Bozovich for hip pain when she had just started the 21 Day Cleanse. I saw her 3 times a week and was so excited to hear about and see her progress on the Cleanse. I was so impressed with what I heard and saw that I asked her if she would help me get started on the Cleanse.

 Day 1 of my Cleanse started February 9, 2012 - taking 10 pills, 3 times a day with 24 ounces of water with each dose. The first couple of days were hard - drinking so much water, taking so many pills, the shakes and I had to eat too!! That all became easier by day 4 and 5.

 Days 4 to 6 I became achy and a bit headachy - probably dealing with some caffeine withdral and the detox starting to work. Dr. Bozovich forewarned me this might happen so I wasn't worried. She said that this is when the kidneys and liver are going into overdrive and working hard to start eliminating the toxins. Once I got past day 7 it became easier. The achiness went away and taking the pills and shakes was no problem. By week 3, the Cleanse was my "normal".

 My biggest vice was Diet Coke. Dr. Bozovich mentioned that she didn't crave coffee and her husband didn't crave Coke during their Cleanse. I wanted to believe her but I thought that I was too far gone to have Diet Coke eliminated from my diet completely. I WAS WRONG! After 35 years of drinking some type of diet pop daily (and lots of it), I went the entire 21 days without a pop! More surprising - I don't care if I have one now - I prefer ice water! That's crazy to me!

 Also before the Cleanse I was a salt-a-holic. I put salt in everything and on everything. During the Cleanse I used sea salt, pepper, fresh garlic, fresh jalapeno peppers and fresh onion as flavoring. Now, I don't crave the salt and actually find it a little overwhelming.

 I would recommend this process to any adult of any age - food just tastes better and I am far more conscious of what I am putting in my body.

 I turned 50 on March 5, 2012, right after finishing the 21 Day Cleanse and I have not felt this healthy, clear-headed and alert in many, many years. My acid reflux is SIGNIFICANTLY better as is my high blood pressure. The Cleanse made improvements the medication alone could not do. The Cleanse is something we all owe to ourselves. It's a lifestyle change that will make you feel good physically and mentally. You have to be ready to commit - but it is worth it!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Finding Motivation

I went to bed last night knowing full well I would not be waking up at 5:45 to run my scheduled 4 miles.  My legs and glutes were aching from the morning's workout (30 minutes of squats, lunges, push get the picture).  My mind was exhausted from a very long, challenging day in the office and all I could think of was a very large glass of red wine.  It was just "one of those days" and I had my mind made up that a good night's sleep was well deserved.  7 AM came pretty quickly as I was woken by a very excited little girl jumping and screaming "dadaaaaaa!!" from her crib.  I had no guilt for not running...yet.  I got Lyla ready for the day and scooted us out the door to make it to pilates at 8.  We visited with a couple of friends after the class and headed home to play.  Lyla went down for a nap shortly after 11 and the guilt still hadn't set in.  My legs weren't quite as sore now though, and it felt pretty nice outside.  I realized that my husband was working from home at this time out in the garage, so if I really wanted to, I could squeeze my run in during Lyla's nap.  I quickly changed and got extremely excited that things were working out.  I never felt guilty like I thought I would for not running.  I thought for sure that would be my motivation to get my run finished today.  Instead, my motivation came from that little voice inside my head that said, "It's just 4 miles and you'll love it!"  It's funny where I find motivation for my runs now.  Some days, usually on longer runs, it comes from the bragging rights of being able to say I ran so far.  Other days, it comes from wanting to feel better and knowing that after any run, I always have a better outlook on situations.  But today was a first.  Today, my motivation came from wanting to do something that I enjoy.  That, my friend, is what the old me would call just plain crazy.  I like this new me....she's a little crazy.