Friday, June 29, 2012

Purification Success Story - RDV

Holy cow, I have never felt this good! After the first week of MAJOR withdraw from coffee and salts, I can’t tell you how much better I feel. If anyone tries the program, DO NOT GIVE UP IN THE FIRST WEEK!!! If it is hard, that just means you have a lot of “addictions” to get past and you will feel that much better after you conquer them.

I have lost about 20lbs even though this is not a weight loss program. I have learned to have a different relationship with food and can now make better choices based on what I have learned. I have a happier disposition & look forward to any type of exercise and activity (did not have the desire to move after or before work before starting this program). I am sure my blood pressure is better although I did not check it before I started, I will be doing that the next time I am at Walgreens.

I have enjoyed cooking and preparing food...NEW foods. Adding natural flavors / seasonings and experimenting has been a blast. My kids have even enjoyed some of the creations although it is hard to get them to embrace all the healthier foods (working on that). I do find my thought process, vision & daily routines better and a bit easier and less stressful. That might be in my head but I don’t care, the program helped get me to this point.

My last few years have been extremely stressful with issues at work and family. I had made poor choices with regard to my health and eating partially due to those stresses. This detox has help renew my positive outlook on life and my health. Thanks Tiffany! I will continue to use what you helped start and will continue a healthier life style!