Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Purification Success Story - MM

Here's my testimony of this great journey.

When I started the detox program my intention was to balance my sugar and perhaps loose a bit of weight, for I had been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I love my carbs, my meat, and my sugar, but I'm not an exercise lover. The first week was hard and I really missed the bread and the meat, specially when I was challenged at different festive events where healthy food was not served. After the second week, I started noticing the changes. I started sleeping through the night like a baby without waking up. Now, I am not craving the sugar or carbs anymore. I stopped trembling when I get hungry, and I'm consuming more fish than meat.  I started walking every day and I now my clothes are fitting bigger on me. I have so much energy to do things, when before I needed a nap every day after work just to get a second wind for the evening. For years I had intestinal and acid reflux issues and now they are gone. My skin and my hair look better and feel soft. I took allergy pills every day for many years and I have not taken one allergy pill since I started the program.I feel very light and great about myself! I only crave all good and healthy foods, I'm reading labels, which I never thought I would be doing. I stopped making excuses for not eating healthy. I'm learning to listen to my body and know the discomforts of eating the wrong foods. I am so glad I decided to take this journey, for it has been the hardest and greatest thing I've ever done in my life.

According to my last evaluation, I have lost 18 lbs., this is a huge accomplishment for me. My goal is to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you Tiffany for the support!