Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Running from Velociraptors

I've mentioned a few times that I am somewhat of a type A person.  I like routing my runs ahead of time.  I like a schedule.  I like to know what is going to happen before it actually happens.  When I veer off the schedule, I am typically not happy.

Sunday was one of those days that I surprised myself.  As I left to meet my running friends, there was a slight drizzle.  We knew rain was in the forecast, but it was not on my schedule to run 14 miles in the rain.  That was not part of my plan.

By 7:15 when we were ready to start our run, it was an all out downpour.  We didn't question whether or not we should run, we just did.  We sucked it up, put on our special running rain jackets and took off like a group of lunatic runners in the pouring rain. 

As we ran through the woods, I imagined we were being chased by a Velociraptor from Jurassic Park.  It made me smile.  This was cool.  This was an adventure and a run I probably wouldn't forget.  We ran in the rain, in the woods, on the beach, over bridges, and down roads for 14.2 miles, making up the route as we went. 

It was the longest run I have ever completed and I felt good.  It wasn't easy, but I felt good.  I felt strong.  I actually enjoyed the hills.  It was one of those runs that made me smile the rest of the day. 

Sometimes, it's nice to let go of schedules and planning.  Sometimes, it's nice to just follow your running friends, take off the watch, and enjoy the rain.  I was soaked to the bone as I got in my car.  I smiled to myself because I was happy. 

Little by little, these runs are washing away the things that are trying to weigh me down.  Little by little, I'm learning that life is an adventure and it's best to just let go of what you can't control.  Once you can do enjoy running through the woods in the pouring rain.  It's all about moving forward and not letting a little rain ruin your day.